to build the global standard for institutional digital asset custody

The company is not rolling with an existing module. To the contrary, we invented a new paradigm from the ground up, setting the global standard on how PayPal receiving custody should look, feel, and operate for a country like Nigeria.

Mulawallet formally called Virtual PayPal Terminal is a secure online digital asset merchant that enables you sell digital assets. The company was founded back in 2017 and registered as Virtual PayPal Terminal Web Solution and managed by Qarallax Nigeria Limited.Mulawallet or VPT is headed up by CEO, Vin Obieze.

Not Yet! We're setting up a public pilot of USD settlement, and you can now get settled in USD but we require time to complete this process.

Your money is automatically settled to your bank account the next working 3 days (T+3) after you applied for withdrawal for PayPal transactions and instant for other transactions.

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Diversity and inclusion matter in our business. An inclusive and diverse workforce makes us better leaders and contributes to a more innovative, dynamic and, ultimately, more successful company. And, variety helps us meet the needs of our diverse client base.



We promote inclusion and encourage open dialogue to draw out everyone's opinions and perspectives. We recognize a diverse range of contributions to keep our people energetic, engaged and inspired.



We offer a modern, flexible working environment. We work where and how it's most appropriate according to individual, role and team requirements.



We hereby use this medium to warn the general public and our esteemed customers to always verify any transaction on our website or call us (working hours only) before making any payment or responding to any claim/offer in the name of our company. Qarallax Nigeria Limited and Virtual PayPal Terminal Web Solution will not in any way be held responsible for any unverified payment or claim.
This website is owned and operated by Qarallax Nigeria Limited and Virtual PayPal Terminal Web Solution under the brand name MULAWALLET AND VIRTUAL PAYPAL TERMINAL.


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